Running, 2012

So my husband runs. And my daughter runs.  Like, Mini Marathons. You know, thirteen miles.  So I thought, maybe I’ll try to run. Well I quickly came to the conclusion that some people are born to run, and some are not. Husband and daughter, yes. Me, not so much.

Husband and daughter, after completing the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon

I started back in January, walking on my treadmill. I guess I actually started because I wanted to lose a few pounds. My daughter told me I was going to have to kick it up a notch from my one mile a day to three miles if I really wanted to see progress. That’s when I thought, “if I’m going to walk three miles, maybe I can run three miles!”

That proved to be harder than I thought. I’m still working on it, and I actually did run my first official 5k on September 29. The Hoosiers Outrun Cancer event at IU in Bloomington, Indiana! Yay for me! But it still is a struggle. I have to stop running and walk a few times. My goal is to run the whole thing without stopping to walk. So I continue to train. I guess my point of this post is, if you have a goal, keep trying and going for it. Like I said before, my husband and daughter are much betters at running than I am. And I have absolutely no desire to run a half marathon. I’m happy with the 5k. I want to live a healthy lifestyle, and running is part of that. It’s my way of staying active. I hope you find your own activity and go for it! Please write me and share your adventure.

Hoosiers Outrun Cancer 5k


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