Okay, so if you read my post from October, 2012, you’ll see that I just took up running last year. And I’m not a born runner. Just the opposite-I struggle. But, I am pretty thrilled to say that I’m sticking with it, running three times a week. Now, even though today was supposed to usher in spring, our high temp was 32 degrees. So I’m still running indoors, on my treadmill. That kinda stinks. I’m so looking forward to a break in the weather, so I can get outdoors and run in the fresh air. Anyway, to keep this post short, I thought it would be fun (or funny) to post a picture of what I look like when I step off the treadmill. Hair in headband, red faced, and sweaty. But to save face, I’m also posting a picture of me on a normal day. Still not a Miss American contestant, but at least well groomed. Enjoy!

A normal Indiana winter day!               Yes, I can laugh- the running is over!


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