How I’d spend $1,000

Unfortunately for me, sometimes I'm a little too sensible. My husband likes to say I could solve the national debt with $1000 because I come up with all kinds of ways to spend it. For instance, pay towards our loan. Or put it towards our son's tuition. Or towards vacation. Or to replace the carpet in our dining room with hardwood. We need a new vehicle. It go towards that. Then my husband reminds me that it's only $1000; not $10,000. So, if I won $1000 and had to spend it on something frivolous, I'd buy a new wardrobe! And I don't mean one of those things to hold your clothes; I mean the clothes! That's right, all new clothes. All for me! What would you do?

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2 thoughts on “How I’d spend $1,000

  1. I would put it towards paying off some debt. I don’t have a LOT of debt, but I want it all gone. I’m taking the Financial Peace University class that’s being offered at church and so far I’m loving it…except working out those Weekly Allocations Sheets. Those have been giving me a hard time and some headaches. LOL Don’t fret, I will overcome them. Let’s just hope it’s by Wednesday night’s class. Loving the blog. I especially was interested in the bread & butter pickle recipe. Keep it up and much love!

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