They Did It!

500 Festival Mini 2013

500 Festival Mini 2013

Congratulations to my husband and daughter for completing the One America 500 Festival Mini Marathon! They did it! It was a chilly start, much like last year, but perfect weather, really, for running. And it didn’t rain! Yay for that! My husband beat his time from last year, and my daughter set a PR! So proud of both of them. Of course, since I only run three miles, and not thirteen, I cheered them on from the starting line. Then my son and I headed to Einstein Bagels for breakfast! As I said, it was chilly. So we lingered over coffee (he drinks hot tea), and then headed off to greet them as they each crossed the finish line. So exciting! Here is a picture of them together, donning their medals. Yep, that’s Lucas Oil Stadium in the background!

Next week, I will be heading to Savannah with my sister, and I have signed up to run in my first out-of-state 5K. That will take place on the 18th. But there will much to write about before then. Hopefully I will be able to write some brief posts throughout that week of all the sights, sun, and food!

Ta Ta For Now!


2 thoughts on “They Did It!

  1. Love Savannah! Can’t wait to see pics and read your post! We may head down next month for Clarissa’s graduation from SCAD.

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