Are You Beach Ready?

Ah, summer. What? Summer?! Yes, summer is upon us. Even though the official first day is still a few weeks away, the weather is warming, schools are dismissing, and beaches are calling. Having recently returned from a beachy vacay myself, I thought it only appropriate to share some tips on my favorite beach necessities. Besides, it gave me a reason to take all these fun pictures which my sister thought were crazy! And, none of my tips have anything to do with losing weight, exercising, or fitting into the perfect suit. So just grab your old suit, or buy a new one if you feel the need. But here’s the important stuff:(You can click on each image to enlarge flip thru them!)

I have to thank my lovely daughter and son-in-law for loaning us their home close to the beach. And their chairs, towels, and beach bag! Imagine trying to pack those things on a plane!

Now get out there and enjoy your summer! And don’t forget the sunscreen.


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