Breakfast of champions #2


So here’s another one of my quickie breakfasts that is also a healthy start to my day! First, let me just say that I love my Hamilton Beach single-serve blender. It’s awesome!
I try to keep one of these bags of Yoplait smoothie mix of fruit & yogurt in my freezer for times I may be out of fresh yogurt and fruit. As you can see, my last banana is juuuuust right! So I need to use it before….well you know. Next I like to add a little something extra and today I chose wheat germ. Wheat germ is loaded with vitamins and nutrients. See more here: The Benefits Of Wheat Germ via @livestrong_com Next time I’m going to try chia seeds. Stay tuned…
Finally, I add milk according to the directions on the Yoplait bag. And I actually add a little extra milk just because I like my smoothies not quite so thick. It’s already in the blender in the photo. (The little yellow pill is my B vitamin! I actually wash it down with a glass of water; I just added it to the photo so I would remember to tell you that I take a vitamin!)
Add it all to your blender and blend. That’s it! Cold, smooth, and delicious. Especially on a hot day! Full of vitamins and nutrients to get you ready for whatever comes your way! And another plus to my Hamilton Beach blender? Pop the cup off the base and go! Portable breakfast!
*This post was not sponsored.


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