You Can Have It All-in a Carry-on!

Yes, it can be done! I recently read an article about a flight attendant who could pack a week’s worth of clothing into her carry on luggage. I think I may have even pinned it to one of my Pinterest boards. As I was preparing for my own week away, I wondered if I could do the same. Thus ensued the challenge!
Well, of course I could do it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this post! So here’s the list of items I discriminately chose to pack:

2 pairs of pajamas
2 swimsuits
1 pair of white jeans
1 pair of shorts
3 pairs of leggings
6 tops
Undergarments, of course
2 pairs of sandals & 1 pair of flip flops
2 running outfits, running shoes, iPod & Garmin watch
Toiletry bag, hair dryer, brush, & makeup bag
And,…a camera!

I wore one pair of jeans, top, sweater, and my Toms on the plane.

Here it all is, nice and tucked into my awesomely cute carry on. I am a girly girl after all!


The trick is to roll, not fold, your clothes. This not only helps fit more items into less space, but also helps prevent creases and wrinkles.

And, here it is, zipped up and ready to go!
Now, I thought it only fair that I admit that while everything fit in my carry on, I took my larger bag too. I mean, c’mon, a girl has to have room for souvenirs!


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