My Crazy, Blessed Life!

So maybe you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. And then again, maybe you haven’t missed me at all. Either way, here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening in my crazy, blessed life!
All kinds of blogging ideas have been running through my head: I want to write a review for my favorite beauty subscription service, Birchbox.
I think I have found a running buddy. At least for the summer. I need to write a post about that.
Oh, and I also belong to the subscription service called Naturebox. I get these fabulous healthy treats delivered to my door once a month! I need to write a review about that too.
Then there’s the Brad Paisley concert tickets I won! Can’t wait to tell you all about that!
And food. All of the glorious food! I can’t begin to tell you how many photos I have of recipes, dinners out in great restaurants, and some of our get-togethers.

You see, I have a lot to write about. And it always seems like I’m in the shower and I think, “Oh! I need to write a blog post about this!” Especially when I’m using my Olay total effects seven in one body wash. I think, I need to tell people about how great this stuff is! Then, of course, the second I step out of my shower, life begins again.

In the middle of all of these great blogging ideas, my husband and I have decided to put our house on the market. Stop. That’s right. For sale. You want to talk about crazy. We have lived in the same home for 30 years. Raised our kids here, hosted numerous friends and family get-togethers, remodeled, upgraded, built an outdoor fireplace and patio, and created more memories than this aging mind can recount. It’s the only home we’ve ever known. We are truly blessed. But our kids are grown now, and we feel its time to downsize and move closer to the city. Thus, the cleaning, decluttering, painting, fixing, donating, craziness has begun! It’s been a little overwhelming, both emotionally and physically. This is what has been taking up the majority of my time. We just listed the house last week, and have had our first showing. We have also begun scouring the neighborhoods and the Internet for a new home. I’ve been praying a lot. Now it’s in God’s hands! He knows if the timing is right or not. And He knows who needs to love our home next. I’m trusting Him.

For now, I’m going to post some random photos of some of the things I mentioned earlier. I hope you enjoy them. Please leave me a comment and let me know your favorites! Oh, and if you’d like, you can say a prayer for my husband and me and our home! Thanks, and talk with you all again soon! Hope you are having a great week! May your summer be as crazy and blessed as mine! Or at least as blessed!

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7 thoughts on “My Crazy, Blessed Life!

  1. You got a macaron in the mail? That’s awesome. I’ve never had one other than what I’ve attempted to make on my own so I don’t know what they are supposed to be like. Sounds to me like you have been just as busy as I have but you are having much more fun. Oh, I am thoroughly enjoying the Savannah Bee Company’s Tupelo Honey Lip Balm I won from this blog. It smells fantastic. I mean sooo fantastic I want to put it in my cup of tea! Happy house hunting and I hope you don’t move too far away.

    • Hey Kathryn! Actually, I received macaroons. You are making macarons, which I am absolutely in love with. I love the crispy cookie and the buttercream filling! But the macaroons are good too. And Hail Merry makes wonderful ones, along with lots of other healthy, vegan, gluten-free treats. They are a great company.
      Thanks for all your encouragement, and I am still praying about your career!

      • Thank you for the prayers on finding a new job and hopefully something I can actually create a new career for myself. I certainly need it but it’s all in God’s time, not mine, so I shall continue to wait and work until that time comes.

  2. oh geee. .I’ve got some great memories in your house too! It’s a great house!! But totally understand where you are coming from. Are you going to stay local or venture out to a new state? I always saw when I retire it will be to Tennessee. .or wherever the kids are! and I’m with you! I think of all the great things I need to blog about but never get there. I write them in my head. Does that count? Probably not!

    • Thanks Lisa. No, we are not moving out of state. Just to Btown! Something smaller, smaller yard, possibly no stairs! We’ll see! And I’m telling you, I think blogging in your head should definitely count! It’s a constant stream up there!

  3. Well, it seems we all try to pack as much into our warm weather months as humanly possible and I am seemingly tired all the time because of it. Life is nothing if not unpredictable and ever changing. I will pray for us all that we are in Gods will and that He fill us with His Holy Spirit always. Love and Best Wishes.

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