Boost Your Energy-Naturally!

Are you looking for more mental vitality, more physical energy, or a quick way to boost your athletic performance?  ENERGYbits algae tabs are your answer. Yes, I said algae. These bits are rapidly becoming the fuel of choice for runners, athletes, or anyone who wants to be energized naturally. They have the highest concentration of protein in the world and deliver a steady stream of energy without sugar, caffeine, chemicals, or stomach distress. Now if you are like me, your first thought is, “Eeeww..gross. Algae?” And, I must admit, I am a wimp when it comes to taking pills. But these tabs are not considered to be pills; they are actually tiny bits of food. The folks at ENERGYbits were kind enough to send me a sample tin including 50 tabs to sample and review.
At first, I was skeptical. Like I said, I don’t like taking pills and I really didn’t like the idea of swallowing algae! But I had agreed to give them a try, and, after all, a deal is a deal. The recommended directions say to swallow 30 tabs 10 – 15 minutes before going for a run. Really? 30? I was in trouble. But, here goes… Now, just to make sure that they did not upset my stomach or come back up during a run, I decided for my initial trial, I would only take 10 tabs. I must say, they went down fairly easily and quickly. And so I was off and running! Surprisingly, for me, I did not get nauseated, nor did I burp up the flavor of algae. Thank goodness! They passed the initial test! Of course, I also did not notice any difference in my energy level during that run. But, as you may have noted, I had not taken the recommended amount. So to give them a fair shake, and before writing any type of review, I knew that I had to take them again. Only this time, I was determined to swallow 20 tabs for my next run!
That was this morning. I took two at a time, and again, they went down really quickly and easily. I’m now thinking, “I can do this!” And I have to admit, that I actually did seem to have more energy and was not as exhausted at the end of my run as I usually am. Now I did not set a personal record, nor am I ready to try out for the Olympics. But I am ready, and a little excited, to try the final 20 tabs that are left in my tin. As a matter of fact, I’m having a hard time deciding whether I should take them for my next run this week, or save them for a 5K that I’m running on Saturday. So there you have it. There is so much information on Energybits, that I couldn’t possibly fit it all into one post. Each bit has only one ingredient-Algae. Yet, they contain 40 vitamins and minerals, Omega 3 and 64% protein. That’s 3 times more protein than in a steak! And each tab has only one calorie. It’s like carrying a mini meal in your purse or pocket. For more information, you can go to the website If you decide to place an order, enter the word Blog” into the coupon box and you will receive a 10% discount! Be sure to check out the website because they also offer recovery, vitality, and skinny bits. Now it’s your turn. Add more life to yours one bit at a time!


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