Birchbox, My Favorite Beauty Subscription!

How many times have you paid full-price for a full-size product, only to get home and not like it? Buyer’s remorse anyone? But then you feel embarrassed to return the item, therefore feeling obligated to keep using it, just so you don’t feel like you wasted your money. Anyone? I’ve done it more times than I like to recount.

Welcome to the era of subscription services! Subscriptions are not just for magazines anymore! Search the Internet and you can find subscription services for almost anything. You’ve probably heard of “Fruit of the Month”, “Beer of the Month”, and “Flowers of the Month” Clubs. Similar to these clubs, are the new Subscription Services. I have seen subscriptions for all kinds of food, beauty, fashion, pet, baby, and “green” products. And I’ll admit, I am a bit intrigued by them.

BirchBox goodies!

BirchBox goodies!

Most subscription services are similar in that you sign up, register your credit card, and receive a monthly box of goodies! And you can usually cancel at any time, so there’s no long-term commitment.
I currently subscribe to Birchbox, which I’m loving! Birchbox is a beauty subscription service offering beauty samples from an array of brands from Burt’s Bees, to Julep, Benefit Cosmetics, Olay, Simple, IT Cosmetics, and the list goes on! For only $10 per month, I receive at least five, and usually more, beauty samples. And sometimes the box even includes full size products. It’s a flat fee of $10, including shipping. Each month’s box is centered around a theme, and includes a postcard size instruction card describing all of the products included in the box. I think this is a great way to try products before purchasing them in full-size. This way, I know whether or not I like a product and want to commit to paying full price. It’s what I like to call, “Try before I Buy”!


Special Edition Box


Special Edition Box

Other perks of my Birchbox subscription?
1)Free shipping on any full-size product featured in that month’s box.
2)Free shipping on purchases of $50 or more.
3)Free samples with purchases.
4)Occasional opportunities to purchase special/limited edition boxes.
5)They have a generous loyalty program which rewards me every time I shop, refer friends, and give feedback on my monthly samples. I can then redeem points towards full-size purchases!
Now I will admit, that I do not love every single product in every single box. But that’s okay; I also have not loved every single product that I have paid full price for at the local drugstore, discount store, or beauty counter. I have only experienced one problem with any of the boxes from Birchbox. And when I contacted them, they promptly apologized and credited my account for that month’s box. So I guess another perk, would be that they have great customer service!
I’m including lots of pictures so that you can see some of the great products I’ve been receiving in my monthly Birchbox subscription. A few of my absolute favorites have been sunscreen by Coola, Couture LaLa by Juicy Couture, StriVectin-SD eye concentrate, suki exfoliating face cleanser, and so many more! Like I said before, I love this subscription service! If you love beauty products, or are just curious, I encourage you to check out the Birchbox website. You can click on the Birchbox logo on the right side of the blog, or go to Tell them Anna sent you! I hope you enjoy Birchbox as much as I do. And if you don’t, you can always cancel your subscription at any time! As always, I’d love to hear what you think. So please leave me a comment!
*This review was not endorsed. All opinions and comments are honest and my own!


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