Running, 2014


Living in the Midwest,  running in winter can be a challenge. Never more so than this winter!
Surprisingly, I have been up to the challenge. Neither snow, nor cold, nor icy wind, has deterred me from my goal. Well, maybe a few times.

Running, like many forms of fitness, can become addicting, and we all know that it provides a natural high due to those lovable endorphins. So my goal this winter has been to get at least one run in per week. I know, this is not a lofty goal, and I would have loved to have been running three times a week. But since we moved, there is no room in the house for my treadmill. So with all the snow and bitter cold, I was good to squeeze in one outdoor run each week. And there were a few times, much to my chagrin, that I actually paid to run on an indoor track. My wonderful husband has been running with me. He keeps me motivated throughout the runs, even though he can run faster and farther than I can. He says he’s proud of me, since before this winter, I refused to run if it was below 50 degrees. Now, I layer-up in all my winter gear, and off we go! He laughs and says I look like a Ninja! But let me tell you, that hat, neck thingy, and gloves, make a world of difference!

One of the great perks, and I’m sure I will write about this often, to where we moved, is that there is an abundance of places to run, walk, bike, shop, eat, etc… There are both paved and natural trails near our home, and we take advantage of both, as well as blaze some of our own! Here are some pictures of some of the winter sites I’ve shot while running. Keep in mind that I had to stop, snap, and run! I think this was the evening it was only 12 degrees outside, but the sun had been out earlier. That’s the coldest I’ve ever managed.

A selfie! Me and My Sidekick/Hubby!

A selfie! Me and My Sidekick/Hubby!

…Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus..Hebrews 12:1-2

That’s it for this week. Just a quick update on things here in the crazy cold midwest.

Spring is coming though, and I look forward to sharing our landscaping, gardening, bicycling, farmers marketing, and all around explorations of our new digs!


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