Duck Dynasty……..and Me?

Talk about an oxymoron.








So who’d have thought that I would ever have related to a reality television program about ducks? Only,  it’s not really about ducks, is it? I think that was just a selling point to get patriarch, Phil, on board. Okay, and maybe Jase. They seem to be the two most fanatical duck hunters in the family. Anyway, that’s probably also the reason that I didn’t watch the first few episodes. I mean, I’m a girl. And why would I want to watch a show about duck hunters? That is, until my sister told me that she and her husband had watched a few episodes, and that the duck hunting family in question prays at the end of each episode. What?! Wait. And they allow that on tv in this day and age? I gotta see this for myself.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Let me break it down in top tens. Below I have listed the top ten reasons why I thought I wouldn’t relate, followed by the top ten reasons why I do relate.

Top Ten Reason Why I Shouldn’t Relate to Duck Dynasty:

1: I am not a redneck.

2. I don’t wear camoflage.

3: I don’t hunt. (unless it’s for a new outfit!)

4: I don’t eat crawfish, bullfrogs, or any of the other gross stuff I’ve seen them devour on the show.

5: I prefer to shower on a daily basis.

6: My husband does not have a beard. Nor do I ever want him to grow a beard.

7: I am female.

8: I would never jump into alligator infested water to catch a bullfrog. Or anything else other than one of my children.

9: What the heck is boudin?

10: I don’t like most reality television.

And the Top Ten Reasons I Do Relate to Duck Dynasty:

1: The Robertson family is both hysterical and lovable.

2: Mia is the sweetest little girl, and her bravery is inspiring.

3: Those Robertson women are strong, beautiful, funny, and very tolerant.












4: I love Jase’s dry, serious, humor. Talk about an oxymoron! (& how he complements Missy to get himself out of trouble-hilarious)

5: Everybody likes sweet tea!

6: They are all good examples of real-life people. They make mistakes. But they forgive. And stay together.

7: I do love the south.

8: The folks on this show don’t use foul language, unless you count “ducks” as foul. Get it? LOL

9: They don’t use sex to boost ratings. Unless you count “the talk” between Phil and John Luke.

10: They pray. God, Family, Ducks. I get it. At least the God, Family…and fill in the blank with your own passion. Just be sure to keep the order of priority straight.

And this, friends, is why, yes, I watch Duck Dynasty. I mean, Hey, Jack! That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!

It makes me Happy, Happy,  Happy!


4 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty……..and Me?

  1. I started watching this show when my hubby was in Afghanistan a year ago…I just loved the Robertson’s passion for their faith, their family and also having fun. I would tell my small group about the show and how this family shows their love of God to the world. 🙂 Your top ten on why you relate is very close to why I watch it!

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