Home In Progress

After our move last fall, we began adding our own personal touches to our new home. This actually works out perfectly at our house, because I love to change things up, and my husband always has to have a project to keep him busy, or he gets bored! And fortunately for both of us, he is great at remodeling! So here are just a few changes we have made: 20130914_111902wpid-20140421_163351.jpg


So, I don’t know if you noticed, but in the before photo on the left, the house still had the old brass outdoor light fixture next to the garage door. And, oddly, there was only the one light. Which, to me, seemed really unbalanced. And then the air vent at the top of the garage had never been painted. It had yellowed with age, and was just a little drab. So, our first order of business was to buy two new black light fixtures, and paint the vent to match the shutters. Voila! More curb appeal!


We also needed to add a fence to the backyard, because our beloved Kramer, needed a place to safely play in his new surroundings! Before, there was an old, farm-like,wire fence. We had the new white picket installed. (I always wanted a white picket fence!)










Moving inside, one of our larger undertakings was the fireplace facade. We knew we didn’t really care for the black tile surround from the beginning. It just didn’t seem to match  personality of the room. So Mr. Wonderful decided that as soon as we stopped using the fireplace, he would tear into it. Of course, it was a never ending, no good, very bad winter. So we used the fireplace a lot! But as soon as the weather broke, the work began! Thanks to Lowe’s, we only have about $250 in the entire new facade!

Here are a few pictures of the progress, from beginning to end:


Original facade


Tile Removed!


New painted wood frame.


Marble Floor, White Trim, DIY Black Mesh Screen Front!













So that’s just some of what we’ve been up to. There is much, much, more. More remodeling landscaping, running, biking, menopause,a baby shower, and our son’s trip to China, just to name a few! Lots to write about; I’d better get started!

Have you been remodeling or landscaping lately? I’d love to hear and see what you’ve been up to! Please share!


4 thoughts on “Home In Progress

  1. Looks great!! We used our fireplace every day this past winter too! We are currently adding on a patio off the back deck to add to our oasis. The patio is actually laid but still working on the fire pit, wall, planters and landscaping. I imagine I won’t do much landscaping until next spring. Thankful for a husband who is a do it yourselfer!!

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