Product Review: Copper Moon – The Best Coffee You’ve Never Tasted!

I do love my coffee! Anyone who knows me, probably already knows this. You can frequently find me at any of the local Starbuck’s, whether meeting someone for some girl time, or swinging by the drive-thru while out running errands. What you may not know, is that I don’t just down my drink and move on to the next cup. I savor the flavor of my coffee. It’s more of an “experience” for me. This being said, I have used and owned several methods of  “brewing”. The Italian stove-top Bialetti espresso maker, the modern electric coffee maker, two French coffee presses, and now, of course, the ever popular Keurig! Being the only coffee drinker in my home, I chose the single-serve Keurig to save space on my coffee bar. Oh yes, I have a coffee bar. wpid-20140715_222851.jpg I also am a penny pincher, coupon clipper, loyalty card shopper. I like a bargain as much as the next girl! But I also don’t want to sacrifice taste/flavor in order to save a penny. Or even a dollar. So imagine my excitement when I discover Copper Moon coffee on the shelves at my local Kroger supermarket! Yay! A great tasting coffee at a great price! No sacrifice. A win-win! 1405426968233[1] Now I have not received confirmation,  but the pods used by Copper Moon seem to be more eco-friendly than the typical kcups used by most coffee makers. They have a mesh like pod that houses the coffee, which appears to be more biodegradable.  The pods are packaged in a foilpack for freshness, then boxed for the shelves. 20140715_181446[1]20140715_181454[1] There are several varieties of Copper Moon coffee. Kenyan, Kona, Sumatra, and even Cappuccino. I chose to try Costa Rican blend; a medium roast with a rich, yet smooth flavor. And I love it! I can’t recommend it enough! To me, it is rich and bold, smooth and relaxing. Everything I enjoy in a great cup of my favorite indulgence.

Copper Moon is a Fair Trade company. And they are a small business located in Lafayette, Indiana, making them a U.S. company as well!

So when you purchase their coffee, you are supporting American jobs!  I love that!

For more info on Copper Moon, including their “story”, which is pretty interesting,  along with a list of varieties,  locations, etc… please visit their website at You can order online, directly from their site, or print a coupon to use locally!

You’ve got to love their motto:   Slow down.  Look up. Taste life. Sounds good to me!

Be sure to leave a comment to let me know if you get the opportunity to try Copper Moon. Or let me know: What is your favorite coffee this summer?


*This post was not compensated. All opinions are mine.


5 thoughts on “Product Review: Copper Moon – The Best Coffee You’ve Never Tasted!

  1. I love, love, LOVE your coffee bar Anna! Kramer and I enjoyed coffee time in the afternoons, especially when it was rainy. Have you tried the Copper Moon cups in your Keurig yet? I was wondering how well they worked. So tell me which is your favorite coffee flavor from Copper Moon? I personally like the medium to bold roasts.

    • Kathryn, Yes, I have tried Copper Moon in my Keurig. And it was delicious! I have only tried the Costa Rican blend so far. I haven’t been back to the grocery for more yet!

  2. We love Copper Moon Coffee and really appreciate that the Kcups do not have the plastic cup! The Kona is my favoirte and my husband likes the Costa Rican blend. Thanks Copper Moon, from two grateful Hoosiers! 🙂

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