Move, Nourish, Believe – The Active Living Challenge!

I love a good challenge! And I love to live a healthy, active, lifestyle! So when I saw that Lorna Jane Active and Fit Approach were joining forces in a twitter/Instagram challenge, I was in! From August 4th thru the 25th, we are being challenged to Move our Bodies, Nourish our Minds (& I like to add souls), and Believe in ourselves. The great thing about challenges for me, is that they motivate me. Kind of like all those new apps on our phones and armbands that motivate you to track your activity. So thanks to Lorna Jane Active & Fit Approach for motivating me to 1: Move, Nourish, & Believe    (and)      2: Write on my Blog! As a part-time blogger, I sometimes let too much time lapse between writing sessions. So thanks for keeping me on track!




Here’s a recap of Week 1:

August 4, Day 1: Favorite summer workout move: Running! (Although biking is a close second!)











August 5, Day 2: Favorite Healthy Recipe: I love this amazing salad that I basically just made up a couple of years ago! There is no real recipe; just lots of healthy ingredients, like Romaine & Red Lettuce, Pear slices, Blueberries, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Mozzarella & Feta Cheese! Topped with your favorite viniagrette!









August 6, Day 3: What Active Living Means to Me:

Move: Ride my Bike

Nourish: Rehydrate with lowfat chocolate milk!

Believe: I’m getting stronger everyday!

My MNB photo of the day:








August 7, Day 4: My Favorite Place to Relax/Have Quiet Time: My Bedroom. It’s calm, soothing, and quiet.











August 8, Day 5: Snap a #workout sweaty selfie! (Post-Run)










August 9, Day 6: Moving/Working out with Friends: Hubby is my bike-riding buddy!










August 10: Day 7: Something You’re Grateful For: I’m grateful for my sweet daughter, who is expecting our first grandchild in October!




That’s it for Week 1! It’s been a fun week. Hopefully I will be able to stay on task during the following weeks. Stay tuned for weekly updates! You can also join in the challenge by following @LornaJaneActive and @FitApproach on twitter! And be sure to leave a comment here and let me know some of your answers to the Week 1 Challenge Questions. Have a great week!


*I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13


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