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My family had the opportunity to sample some Kroger brand products recently as part of a BzzCampaign. (I’m a BzzAgent.) These products included Kroger brand 100% ground beef sliders, slider buns, sea salt & black pepper kettle chips, Deluxe vanilla ice cream, and Big K root beer. We decided that the best way to sample all these items, would be to have a cookout, complete with dessert! It is summer after all!

BzzAgent Kroger Campaign

BzzAgent Kroger Campaign

My husband cooked the sliders on the grill, which was super easy. No thawing required; freezer to grill! And they cooked up fairly quick, like 5-7 minutes total. We topped ours with cheese and grilled the buns slightly. That’s it! So simple and quick. And they were quite tasty! Of course, we served our sliders with a side of the Kroger chips. The chips were great too, although a little too peppery. We chose to drink ice water with our meal and saved the root beer for dessert.

Sliders on the grill!

Sliders on the grill!

Ahh, dessert! Root beer floats! Big K root beer with Deluxe vanilla ice cream spells delicious! A summer classic.

Root beer floats!

Root beer floats!

So, the results of my review? These Kroger brand items stack up nicely against the name brands. I must admit, I had only tried the Kroger brand slider buns prior to this campaign. However, I would now not hesitate to purchase any of these items again. I recommend that on your next trip to Kroger, you give them a try!

*Even though I received most of these products free or at a discount, all opinions are honest and my own. Also, if you are interested in becoming a BzzAgent too, simply click on the BzzAgent button on the side of my blog page!





Procter & Gamble

I received the four products in the photograph below as part of a review promotion. They are all from P&G.  My opinions are truthful, and my own!


1. Olay Total Effects 7 in one deep penetrating moisture Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash with jojoba butter & Vitaniacin
Love it! This was my favorite product of the four! It really is one of the most moisturizing body washes I have ever used, and I would definitely buy it and recommend it.
2. Cover Girl Outlast Double Lip Shine
I’m not big on lip glosses; I prefer lip balm. Especially in summer when I run or am out in the sun. But I will slather on a gloss when going out to meet friends or to dinner with my hubby. So this one will work. I wouldn’t say it’s spectacular; but another good gloss in a nice shade!
3. Gillette Fusion Pro Series Irritation Defense Soothing Moisturizer
My husband tried this one for me. He said it was okay. He doesn’t normally use a moisturizer after shaving, but I thought it made his skin a little softer/smoother!
4. Tide To-Go Pen
This is one of those products that I think is great if you can remember to use it. Which I can’t. I purchased one in the past and I would forget that I had it in my purse! I guess I’m not much of a messy eater either. So I don’t have much use for it. My grown daughter however, happily took this unopened one off my hands. Apparently her husband IS a messy eater and she said he immediately jumps up and runs to the restroom to clean food spots from his clothes when they dine out. She said they would use it all the time!

So there you have it. Overall, I think Procter & Gamble is a great company with great products. Something for everyone. And, they are making more efforts to be eco-friendly, which I appreciate as well.

In honor of earth month, and really, for me, every month is earth month, I’ve been making an extra effort to seek out earth-friendly brands and products. One of my favorite brands is Burt’s Bees. Here are a few reasons why I like the company overall:  image

  1. Made in the USA.
  2. Their products are not tested on animals.
  3. No parabens, phthalates, or petrochemicals.

Well, did you know that Burt’s Bees also has a line of products called gud? While Burt’s Bees makes products for everyone in the family from baby to men to women, including hair, lip, body, & face products, even toothpaste, gud is basically for women. Body wash, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner in five fabulous scents. I love them all, from Vanilla Flame to Pearanormal Activity, but it’s the new Red Ruby Groovy that’s gotten my  attention this spring. I like to change scents because I tend to get bored after awhile (ADD anybody?). So this Red Ruby Groovy is the perfect spring pick-me-up!

I highly recommend both Burt”s Bees and gud products if you are looking to go more natural and clean up your body as well as the planet! You can find them at most major retailers (I buy mine at Target). And they are online of course. and  You should definitely go to the gud site just to see how fun it is! They have contests, ringtones, etc… It will simply make you smile by going there! As you can see by my photo, there’s a smile built right into the name!

Cafe Escapes, An Anytime Indulgence

Okay, so this week I’m trying out the new Cafe Escapes k-cups in lots of yummy flavors. Chai Latte, Dark and Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa, Cafe Mocha, Cafe Vanilla, and Cafe Caramel! I received a sample package as a BzzAgent. So far, I have tried them all except the Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa. I think the Vanilla is my favorite! They are rich, satisfying, and decadent! They’re also gluten-free, less than 70 calories, and perfect for your Keurig brewer! Learn more about these new cafe beverages at and . Cafe Escapes are available for purchase at most grocery and retail stores, and online at and, as well as .

Be sure to check them out for yourself, then come back and let me know what you think!

Keep in mind, little indulgences are best shared with a friend!

I recently received a free box of MorningStar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burgers as part of a Bzz Campaign. (I’m a BzzAgent.) I had never tried them before and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked them. A little spicy, just like the name, but not too much. Real black beans, yummy corn. I’ve found a new favorite healthy meal to add to my menu!Speaking of menus, you can visit the MorningStar Farms website ( ) and get recipe ideas, enter sweepstakes, and find many other meatless varieties. Start your healthy new year off right with Meatless Mondays!Be sure to check back here and let me know what you think!

Your morning cup of Joe can become something great when it is one of Green Mountain Coffee’s Wellness Collection blends. Try the new Focus Blend or Antioxidant Blend and kick start your day in a healthy, tasty way! Available in K-Cup packs, They are also Fair Trade Certified.I received some samples as part of an introductory campaign through and was very impressed. I think what surprised me the most, was that I could not tell a difference in the flavors of the Wellness Collection, compared to the other great offerings from Green Mountain Coffee.For more details about the new Wellness Blends, visit Or, try them for yourself by ordering at or and celebrate a good choice and great taste!


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