Reviews, 2013

My family had the opportunity to sample some Kroger brand products recently as part of a BzzCampaign. (I’m a BzzAgent.) These products included Kroger brand 100% ground beef sliders, slider buns, sea salt & black pepper kettle chips, Deluxe vanilla ice cream, and Big K root beer. We decided that the best way to sample all these items, would be to have a cookout, complete with dessert! It is summer after all!

BzzAgent Kroger Campaign

BzzAgent Kroger Campaign

My husband cooked the sliders on the grill, which was super easy. No thawing required; freezer to grill! And they cooked up fairly quick, like 5-7 minutes total. We topped ours with cheese and grilled the buns slightly. That’s it! So simple and quick. And they were quite tasty! Of course, we served our sliders with a side of the Kroger chips. The chips were great too, although a little too peppery. We chose to drink ice water with our meal and saved the root beer for dessert.

Sliders on the grill!

Sliders on the grill!

Ahh, dessert! Root beer floats! Big K root beer with Deluxe vanilla ice cream spells delicious! A summer classic.

Root beer floats!

Root beer floats!

So, the results of my review? These Kroger brand items stack up nicely against the name brands. I must admit, I had only tried the Kroger brand slider buns prior to this campaign. However, I would now not hesitate to purchase any of these items again. I recommend that on your next trip to Kroger, you give them a try!

*Even though I received most of these products free or at a discount, all opinions are honest and my own. Also, if you are interested in becoming a BzzAgent too, simply click on the BzzAgent button on the side of my blog page!


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