#ActiveLivingChallenge Accepted & Completed! (Week 3 Recap)

Woo hoo! I made it! And just in time too. This morning I went out for my morning run, got sick, and had to head back home. Yuck. No Bueno. Good thing I already completed the #ActiveLivingChallenge !  It’s been a great three weeks. I have enjoyed  Moving, Nourishing, and Believing (& tweeting) every day.  It has been good for both body and soul. I hope you are inspired to get out and move, nourish, and believe in a better you! Every positive decision, step, and healthy bite you take can lead to  another. Nobody ever said, “I wish I hadn’t worked out”. Or, “I wish I hadn’t eaten healthy today”!


Week 3: 

August 18, Day 15: How I practiced active livng today: Three mile run in the morning, followed by family biking in the evening!







August 19, Day 10: What I am excited for in the future: More walking, running, and biking in our hometown! (Though I hope it doesn’t get as cold as last winter.)









August 20, Day 17: A photo of me, getting sweaty with my favorite workout: Stopped mid-run to snap a pic of me and Hoagy! Love running on the IU campus!






August 21, Day 18: Short-Term Goal: Working to shave 30 seconds off my 5k, and running in this September 20th Hoosiers Outrun Cancer event. (As long as the grandbaby doesn’t decide to come early!)




 August 22, Day 19: Favorite Healthy Snack:  Homemade Dark Chocolate covered Strawberries!





August 23, Day 20: Favorite Lorna Jane Clothing piece from http://www.lornajane.com :  I really like the Mod Squad Sports Bra and the Ambassador Stripe Tank. So many to choose from! I love the new Paradise Active Shorts too!!!!









August 24: Day 21: My Favorite part of Active Living: See my smile in this picture? I love how #activeliving makes me feel, both inside and out! #MoveNourishBelieve !!! #sweatpink

That’s all for this week.  And that’s all for the #ActiveLivingChallenge. Moving, nourishing, and believing are now  part of my lifestyle. You can make it yours too! I would love to hear how you are doing!  Be sure to follow @LornaJaneActive and @FitApproach on twitter and facebook. Share some of your answers to your favorite Challenge Questions in the comments! Have a great week!

*I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13


Yay! I Made It Through Week Two of #ActiveLivingChallenge !

I’ve been Moving, Nourishing, and Believing (& tweeting) for two staright weeks now! And I’m loving every minute of it! Okay, maybe I don’t love every minute. There are a few minutes every time I run, that I ask myself why I’m doing this. And then I remember that it’s because I am nourishing my body and soul. And that finishing, and ultimitely winning, come to those who perservere. So if I want to finish this race called Life, with a strong, healthy, body and soul, I must perservere! (insert mantra “Just keep running.”)  Here’s my recap, complete with photos of course, of how I Moved my Body, Nourished my Mind & soul, and Believed in myself this week!


Week 2:

August 11, Day 8: Favorite Superfood: Blueberries & Strawberries!









August 12, Day 9: Do something New: I tried this new PowerBar brand Performance Energy Wafer Bar! Pretty Yummy. The package says to consume one before, and two during your workout. But since I only run three miles, I only ate one!


August 13, Day 10: How Do You Practice #ActiveLiving everyday? Walk, Run, & Ride my Bike!

August 14, Day 11: Post a picture of your daily motivation to #MoveNourishBelieve : Iwant to have good overall health, so I can enjoy as many years with this guy as possible!

August 15, Day 12: Share your favorite quote about staying positive & true to yourself: (See the photo!)

August 16, Day 13: Life can get very busy! What do you do to get more out of everyday? I try to spend quiet time each morning, preparing my mind, soul, and body for the day ahead. This book and study guide have helped me for years!

August 17: Day 14: Share your ultimate dream/goal. Okay, so this is on my physical dream/goal list: Dream: Run a race in every state! Realistic Goal: Run a race in a different state each year. This is a photo of me post-race in Savannah, Georgia, 2013. (I really do #sweatpink !)

And there you go. Another fun week of moving, nourishing, and believing, in the record books! I hope you’re enjoying the updates and photos.Remember, you can still join in the challenge by following @LornaJaneActive and @FitApproach on twitter and facebook.  And be sure to leave a comment here and let me know some of your answers to your favorite Challenge Questions. Have a great week!

*I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Move, Nourish, Believe – The Active Living Challenge!

I love a good challenge! And I love to live a healthy, active, lifestyle! So when I saw that Lorna Jane Active and Fit Approach were joining forces in a twitter/Instagram challenge, I was in! From August 4th thru the 25th, we are being challenged to Move our Bodies, Nourish our Minds (& I like to add souls), and Believe in ourselves. The great thing about challenges for me, is that they motivate me. Kind of like all those new apps on our phones and armbands that motivate you to track your activity. So thanks to Lorna Jane Active & Fit Approach for motivating me to 1: Move, Nourish, & Believe    (and)      2: Write on my Blog! As a part-time blogger, I sometimes let too much time lapse between writing sessions. So thanks for keeping me on track!




Here’s a recap of Week 1:

August 4, Day 1: Favorite summer workout move: Running! (Although biking is a close second!)











August 5, Day 2: Favorite Healthy Recipe: I love this amazing salad that I basically just made up a couple of years ago! There is no real recipe; just lots of healthy ingredients, like Romaine & Red Lettuce, Pear slices, Blueberries, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Mozzarella & Feta Cheese! Topped with your favorite viniagrette!









August 6, Day 3: What Active Living Means to Me:

Move: Ride my Bike

Nourish: Rehydrate with lowfat chocolate milk!

Believe: I’m getting stronger everyday!

My MNB photo of the day:








August 7, Day 4: My Favorite Place to Relax/Have Quiet Time: My Bedroom. It’s calm, soothing, and quiet.











August 8, Day 5: Snap a #workout sweaty selfie! (Post-Run)










August 9, Day 6: Moving/Working out with Friends: Hubby is my bike-riding buddy!










August 10: Day 7: Something You’re Grateful For: I’m grateful for my sweet daughter, who is expecting our first grandchild in October!




That’s it for Week 1! It’s been a fun week. Hopefully I will be able to stay on task during the following weeks. Stay tuned for weekly updates! You can also join in the challenge by following @LornaJaneActive and @FitApproach on twitter! And be sure to leave a comment here and let me know some of your answers to the Week 1 Challenge Questions. Have a great week!


*I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

A (Vacation) Place For Everyone

There are some real travel experts out there. People who travel for a living, writing reviews, offering tips and tricks on where to stay, what to see, how to save on expenses, and sharing their wisdom (and photos) with the world.
Then there are people like me. People who dream about traveling the world, taking beautiful, jaw-dropping photographs of tropical beaches, ancient architect, and interesting people, and getting paid to do it!
Until then, I decided to share a bit of wanderlust, places I would like to visit. I’ve chosen places within the United States, as one of my Bucketlist items is to visit all 50 states. I’m listing them in alphabetical order, beginning with Alaska, and only listing the first ten in this post. So sit back and enjoy the beautiful pictures I’ve chosen to share. They’re not mine; but maybe, someday…

1: Alabama
I have been to Alabama a few times, and one thing I know: It’s hot! Except in October, 2012 on the day of the NASCAR race at Talladega Superspeedway, home of the famous tri-oval track. It was freakishly cold and windy. We froze. But it was still a great day and I’m so glad we went. If you like NASCAR, I highly recommend visiting Talladega. Go to http://www.talladegasuperspeedway.com to buy tickets to the next race, October 19, 2014!









If you aren’t a race fan, then I think Alabama’s Gulf Coast area would be a great beach vacation.  Gulf Shores, Fairhope, Dauphin Island, Orange Beach. Turquoise water, sugar white beaches, cafés, shopping, spas… Being a beach lover myself, this sounds like my kind of trip! Go here to start your own search: http://www.gulfshores.com


2: Alaska

Bears, Salmon, and Whales, oh my! Alaska is so big, I wouldn’t know where to begin. But when I think Alaska, this is what I think of. Alaska is a land of adventure; not a place I would go to lay on a beach and soak up the sun. And whether you like her or not, Sarah Palin did much bring attention to this great state. So while it may not be at the top of my bucketlist, it is still a place I want to see! (Maybe by train?)



3: Arizona

Did you know that Arizona is “The Grand Canyon State”? I didn’t. So in honor of that, of course, I have to post a picture of the Grand Canyon. This is one of those places my husband got to see as a child, and has forever been trying to convince me to visit. I, however, do NOT have a love affair with heights. So I have somehow managed to put him off for 30+ years.

Now when I think of Arizona, I think of the warm, dry climate. Sunshine, swimming pools, and maybe even a spa! And from what I’ve read, there are plenty of all of these at some of the best resorts in the country!


4: Arkansas

Now this is a tough one for me. But since I like pretty much anyplace that has water, I think I would choose to visit Hot Springs National Park. It’s beautiful, and there looks to be ample space for walking, running, and biking withing the park, as well as all of the water features. My second photo is from Mount Magazine State Park, surrounded by Ozark National Forest in the Arkansas River Valley. I have to admit, before my research, I had never heard of Mount Magazine. But now, I seriously want to go there! It boast breathtaking views, which look amazing in all seasons. Not to mention there is a 60 room lodge and private cabins, both of which I love. There are hiking trails, hang gliding, rock climbing, rappelling, mountain biking, etc… In other words, an adventure just waiting to happen. Now I am not particularly into thrill-seeking activities, but  simply hiking some of the trails, and enjoying the sunrise and sunset from the porch or restaurant, sound like heaven to me. And it looks like a photography addict’s playground! You simply have to visit their website: http://www.mountmagazinestatepark.com






5: California

Yosemite National Park

DisneylandTwo totally different attractions in California, Yosemite National Park and Disneyland! My family took a great vacation to California in July of 2001. I think it was the first really relaxing vacation we took. We stayed with friends who lived in Orange County. We cooked out on the grill, swam in the pool, and explored the sites at our leisure. We did make it to Disneyland one day, but as any Disney fan knows, one day is not enough! I would go again in a heartbeat! But I have not been to Yosemite. So if I make it back out to California, Yosemite would be at the top of my list. I also think I would like to visit the Napa Valley vineyards. There are so many things to see and do in California, it was hard to choose which pictures to share!

So there you have it. My first five states. I’ve only been to two out of the five. How about you? have you been to any or all of these? And what was your favorite part/attraction? I would love for you to share your experiences! You know what to do. Just leave a comment below! Thanks, and Happy August!


Product Review: Copper Moon – The Best Coffee You’ve Never Tasted!

I do love my coffee! Anyone who knows me, probably already knows this. You can frequently find me at any of the local Starbuck’s, whether meeting someone for some girl time, or swinging by the drive-thru while out running errands. What you may not know, is that I don’t just down my drink and move on to the next cup. I savor the flavor of my coffee. It’s more of an “experience” for me. This being said, I have used and owned several methods of  “brewing”. The Italian stove-top Bialetti espresso maker, the modern electric coffee maker, two French coffee presses, and now, of course, the ever popular Keurig! Being the only coffee drinker in my home, I chose the single-serve Keurig to save space on my coffee bar. Oh yes, I have a coffee bar. wpid-20140715_222851.jpg I also am a penny pincher, coupon clipper, loyalty card shopper. I like a bargain as much as the next girl! But I also don’t want to sacrifice taste/flavor in order to save a penny. Or even a dollar. So imagine my excitement when I discover Copper Moon coffee on the shelves at my local Kroger supermarket! Yay! A great tasting coffee at a great price! No sacrifice. A win-win! 1405426968233[1] Now I have not received confirmation,  but the pods used by Copper Moon seem to be more eco-friendly than the typical kcups used by most coffee makers. They have a mesh like pod that houses the coffee, which appears to be more biodegradable.  The pods are packaged in a foilpack for freshness, then boxed for the shelves. 20140715_181446[1]20140715_181454[1] There are several varieties of Copper Moon coffee. Kenyan, Kona, Sumatra, and even Cappuccino. I chose to try Costa Rican blend; a medium roast with a rich, yet smooth flavor. And I love it! I can’t recommend it enough! To me, it is rich and bold, smooth and relaxing. Everything I enjoy in a great cup of my favorite indulgence.

Copper Moon is a Fair Trade company. And they are a small business located in Lafayette, Indiana, making them a U.S. company as well!

So when you purchase their coffee, you are supporting American jobs!  I love that!

For more info on Copper Moon, including their “story”, which is pretty interesting,  along with a list of varieties,  locations, etc… please visit their website at http://www.coppermooncoffee.com You can order online, directly from their site, or print a coupon to use locally!

You’ve got to love their motto:   Slow down.  Look up. Taste life. Sounds good to me!

Be sure to leave a comment to let me know if you get the opportunity to try Copper Moon. Or let me know: What is your favorite coffee this summer?


*This post was not compensated. All opinions are mine.

Around Town, Part 1

Update on our first half of summer in the city: We have been out and about, enjoying all kinds of activities, from running, biking, eating, going to the farmers market, attending worship, and relaxing at the Taste of Bloomington!

Here are a few photos from our #BTownSummer :

Fresh Veggies at the Farmers Market!

Fresh Veggies at the Farmers Market!

Love the Beautiful Flowers at Farmers Market!

Love the Beautiful Flowers at Farmers Market!

The Trail where we bike and run!

The Trail where we bike and run!

My new bike has been getting a workout!

My new electra bike has been getting a workout!












Can you tell I like taking pictures? And it’s so easy with my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. I usually carry it in an armband when I’m running or biking, making it a quick go-to for impromptu photo ops. So far, the only thing that has eluded me, was a really fast wild turkey running across the BLine (the paved trail that runs thru town) when I was biking! That’s all for this week-stay tuned. I had to save some photos for my next post, which will include the recipe for a refreshing summer cocktail!

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33)