Happy New Year!

Wow! Where to begin? First I want to apologize. I have not posted on my blog for months. And anyone who knows the blogging rules, knows that this is a big No-No in the blogging world. If you want people to read and follow your blog consistently, you need to post consistently. Well, I’m going to go with the theory that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I’m sure you have all been wondering, “Where is Anna? We miss her so much!” And you all have been waiting with baited breath for my return. Good news! I’m back!

Now, as Ricky Ricardo would say, “You got some splainin’ to do!” (for the younger set, this is from I Love Lucy!) I will attempt a short explanation for my absence. Last July, we decided to put our house in the country on the market; for sale. It was a good time in our life to downsize. I actually prefer the new term, “Rightsize”. Our two children are grown. One married for five years, the second a junior in college. There you have it. Anyone who has ever moved, probably can guess the rest. We had numerous showings, requiring my constant cleaning and leaving the house for visitors. No time to blog. We received an offer, and thus, began an urgent search for a new home. No time to blog. Or tweet. Found new home, made offer, and closed on both homes on same day in late October. Time to pack and get moving! Not time to blog. Or tweet. Or facebook. Or… Then came the holidays with shopping, cooking, visiting, etc… What a whirlwind of activity! No time to blog.

Our former home in the country

Our former home in the country

Our new home in the city

Our new home in the city

And here we are. Almost the end of January. Snow, cold, more snow, more cold. Does anyone else feel like we are now living in a frozen tundra? The wind has been brutal. Today we got out, went to the annual Home and Garden Show in Indianapolis, and when I got home I received a tweet. From a very sweet person asking if I had a blog she could follow. Bam! There it is. I’ve been feeling guilty over not writing ever since January 1st. My sister, too, has asked me a couple of times when I was going to blog again and I just kept putting it off. (She knows me well.)

So this is it. No more excuses.  I’M BACK!

I hope you enjoy the photos. I didn’t get a chance to get any really nice photos of our new home before the weather turned cold and ugly. But just wait! Once spring arrives, I will definitely be out taking lots of before and after shots! We have already begun the process of making it our own. The former owners took great care of the place and had already done several upgrades such as hardwood floors, fabulous wood blinds, a huge Trex deck, and some great flowers and shrubs. Oh! And the kitchen counters, sink, and cabinets. All of these were definite pluses when it came to choosing our home. But there are always things to be done: changing out the old brass lights on the outside to newer black iron ones, painting rooms, having a fence installed… And my husband can’t wait to start his own landscaping process! I hope you’ll stick with me. And I hope most of all, that if, like me, you have set something aside that has been nagging at you lately, you will be encouraged.  It’s not too late. You can do it! Lace up your shoes, pick up the paintbrush, or pen, and get back to it. And if you want me to follow your progress, or cheer you on, leave me a comment. I will do it. I’m a great cheerleader!

Ta Ta For Now,




This week, I’m Currently

Learning: About blogging. And let me tell you, that’s a never ending process. But if you’ve been following along, you saw that I added something new yesterday: my very first poll! If you haven’t voted for your favorite type of exercise yet, there’s still time. The poll closes Sunday night at midnight. I think. LOL

Gathering:  All of my plants together for my square foot garden. I know, I’m running behind. But with the cold weather just breaking about a week ago, I felt it safer to hold off on getting the plants in the ground this year. So now I’m scurrying around trying to get everything planted before I leave town on Sunday. Thankfully my husband will be home to watch after my plants while I am gone.image

Giving:Clothes to charity, food to the local food bank, the dog a bath, and peonies for Mothers Day! Whether you pronounce it “piney” or “pe-o-ny”, these hardy plants are gorgeous when they bloom, usually in May.

Working: on getting my garden planted, my laundry done, my bags packed, and my house cleaned.

Playing: with my dog, Kramer. He’s so fun! And Hanging with Friends and Boggle on my iPhone and iPad.

Have a Happy Mothers Day! Ta Ta For Now!