Product Review: Copper Moon – The Best Coffee You’ve Never Tasted!

I do love my coffee! Anyone who knows me, probably already knows this. You can frequently find me at any of the local Starbuck’s, whether meeting someone for some girl time, or swinging by the drive-thru while out running errands. What you may not know, is that I don’t just down my drink and move on to the next cup. I savor the flavor of my coffee. It’s more of an “experience” for me. This being said, I have used and owned several methods of  “brewing”. The Italian stove-top Bialetti espresso maker, the modern electric coffee maker, two French coffee presses, and now, of course, the ever popular Keurig! Being the only coffee drinker in my home, I chose the single-serve Keurig to save space on my coffee bar. Oh yes, I have a coffee bar. wpid-20140715_222851.jpg I also am a penny pincher, coupon clipper, loyalty card shopper. I like a bargain as much as the next girl! But I also don’t want to sacrifice taste/flavor in order to save a penny. Or even a dollar. So imagine my excitement when I discover Copper Moon coffee on the shelves at my local Kroger supermarket! Yay! A great tasting coffee at a great price! No sacrifice. A win-win! 1405426968233[1] Now I have not received confirmation,  but the pods used by Copper Moon seem to be more eco-friendly than the typical kcups used by most coffee makers. They have a mesh like pod that houses the coffee, which appears to be more biodegradable.  The pods are packaged in a foilpack for freshness, then boxed for the shelves. 20140715_181446[1]20140715_181454[1] There are several varieties of Copper Moon coffee. Kenyan, Kona, Sumatra, and even Cappuccino. I chose to try Costa Rican blend; a medium roast with a rich, yet smooth flavor. And I love it! I can’t recommend it enough! To me, it is rich and bold, smooth and relaxing. Everything I enjoy in a great cup of my favorite indulgence.

Copper Moon is a Fair Trade company. And they are a small business located in Lafayette, Indiana, making them a U.S. company as well!

So when you purchase their coffee, you are supporting American jobs!  I love that!

For more info on Copper Moon, including their “story”, which is pretty interesting,  along with a list of varieties,  locations, etc… please visit their website at You can order online, directly from their site, or print a coupon to use locally!

You’ve got to love their motto:   Slow down.  Look up. Taste life. Sounds good to me!

Be sure to leave a comment to let me know if you get the opportunity to try Copper Moon. Or let me know: What is your favorite coffee this summer?


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Smellin’ Coffee

I’ve been getting texts, reading Facebook posts, and hearing everyone, it seems, talk about enjoying morning coffee out on the deck, or porch, and listening to the birds sing their morning songs. It appears, at long last, perhaps Spring has finally arrived to our chilly area of the world!

I have had the Chris Rice song, Smellin Coffee, on my playlist for a few years now. It’s one of my favorite upbeat tunes. Mainly because I’m not a morning person. But I do love my coffee and the morning songs of my local feathered friends. So, in honor of spring, coffee, my feathered friends, and my human ones too, I thought this the perfect day to share. Enjoy and God bless you this fine springtime day!

Oh, and I can’t miss this opportunity to share also that I now live with a middle school in my backyard! So now I can sit out on my deck, drink my morning coffee, enjoy the cardinals, and watch the students enjoying outdoor gym class. I had to share this little tidbit simply because I just heard the teacher, over the intercom, yell, “Erica, you’re out because you threw the bat. And we know you threw the bat, because it hit a teammate”!  If you’re like me, you just got your morning chuckle!


Last thing I remember, saying bye to yesterday

Glad to see it over, pullin’ covers over my head
What were You doin’ while I dreamt the night away
‘Cause I can tell that somethin’s different
And my eyes ain’t even open yet

I’m smellin’ coffee, birds are singin’ just outside
Here comes Your mercy streamin’ in with the morning light
My heart is racing, waking up to Your smile
It’s a good morning, it’s a good morning

Well, I remember readin’ You’re the God who never sleeps
And while I’ve been dreamin’ You’ve been singin’ over me, yeah
Singin’ about my freedom, wakin’ me up to hear Your song
And now I can’t dance hard enough
‘Cause yesterday is gone, gone, gone

I’m smellin’ coffee, birds are singin’ just outside
Here comes Your mercy streamin’ in with the morning light
My heart is racing, waking up to Your smile
It’s a good morning, it’s a good morning

Every little breath, every heartbeat
Is a gift of love that You give to me
You keep givin’ even when I’m asleep
‘Cause I know You never stop watching over me

I wake up, my past is gone
‘Cause Your mercy’s new with the mornin’ sun
I’m forgiven, I’m free, it’s a brand new day
‘Cause Your faithfulness is the greatest, hey

I’m smellin’ coffee, birds are singin’ just outside
Here comes Your mercy streamin’ in with the morning light
My heart is racing, waking up to Your smile
It’s a good morning, it’s a good morning

Christopher Rice

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The Happiness Project

Gotcha, didn’t I? What is The Happiness Project? If you don’t already know, it’s a book written by Gretchen Rubin, in which the author spends a year discovering how to live a happier life. And it seems like everyone has been talking about it! Well, that’s not exactly what this post is about. But it did get me thinking about some of the things that make me happy. And I’ve been thinking about doing a “Top Ten”. So, there you have it! My “Top Ten Happy List”!

10. Kramer. He’s a poodle. But don’t tell him. He thinks he’s a real boy. Just looking at his sweet face makes me happy!



9. Reading. I love to read. Magazines, books, The Bible. Reading makes me happy.
8. Singing along with the radio. I loooove singing along with the radio! (And dancing)

Kickin it old school!

Kickin it old school!

7. Running. Yep, running makes me happy. Science has proven this exercise to happiness fact. Who am I to argue with science?


6. Cooking. I love trying new recipes and cooking old family favorites. I’m especially happy when a recipe turns out well, and my family enjoys it!

My own healthy salad.

My own healthy salad.

5. Beaches. (And travel, in general!)Beaches make me so happy. I love the sand, the sun, the sound of the ocean waves. Calming and happy inducing.

Yep, that's Jamaica from our plane!

Yep, that’s Jamaica from our plane!

4. Coffee. Mmmmm…. I really enjoy my coffee. Hot or iced, black, or with sugar & creamer. Coffee makes me happy!



3. Sunrises & Sunsets. I have a beautiful view of the sunrise form my front porch and I’m always excited at God’s creation!

2. Family. Of course family can make us crazy. But let’s face it-we love them and their smiles and hugs make life worth living. Family makes me happy.

1. If you know me, you had to be expecting this. My relationship with God makes me happy. Actually, it provides a deep, abiding joy that cannot be replaced with anyone or anything. Only God can provide the peace and freedom that lives within my soul on a minute by minute, daily basis.

So there you have it! A Top Ten Happiness List! Now I could go on to twenty or thirty. But let’s face it-you’d get bored! But hopefully this has inspired you to think about things both big and small, that make you happy! And of course, as always, I’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment to share what makes you happy today!i hope you have a happy and blessed weekend!

Savannah Bound, & Surprise!

Well I made it to my daughter’s in Savannah. But first I encountered a nice surprise. As my sister and I were readying to board our plane from home, we looked up and spotted a friend who was boarding the same plane! We had a great time catching up! What a nice surprise.image

After getting up at 4:00 am to take my daughter and son-in-law to the airport, I managed to get a run in at the park. I meant to take a picture, but of course I was hot and sweaty and forgot. My sister did take a picture of me running though. Of my best side!

One of today’s highlights was our trip downtown to The Coffee Fox, a new establishment of my favorite kind. Yum-O

Currently, Week Three!

I was itching to write, so I sneaked in this edition of “Currently” while riding in the car to the Indiana Convention Center to pick up my husband and daughter’s race packets.

This week, I’m Currently

Admiring: The Weather!!! It has finally been warm this week. I’ve been running outdoors, the flowers are blooming, and my family is all together. Life is good!

Caring: About pleasing everyone and getting everything done. Errands to run, people to see, and gotta get those plants in my garden!

Loving: Life, Family, God, and summer. I know, summer’s not really here. But it’s closer every day!

Another simple, delicious recipe!

Another simple, delicious recipe!

Cleaning: Now? Absolutely nothing besides dishes, laundry, and my body. My daughter is here until Monday, so I cleaned house prior to her arrival. I’m officially on a staycation!

Creating: Memories. And lots of yummy food! So far we’ve made Grandma Kathy’s Microwave Pickles, Trisha Yearwood’s Thai Salad, and Good Housekeeping’s One Sentence Recipe Asparagus Tart! And Saturday night we’ll be making Strawberry Cucumber Margaritas!

Today is the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon. We’ll be back in Indy bright and early and I’ll be cheering on my family from the sidelines. Praying for safety, health, and fast legs! See you all next week!


Well its week two of my “currently” post. I enjoy it and hope to make it my regular weekend update. Be sure to drop me a line and let me know what you think in the “comment” section, feel free to “like” any of my posts, and of course, share my posts with your friends using the Pin, Facebook,or twitter buttons! Thanks and have a great weekend!

This week, I’m Currentlyimage

Eating: 1)Homemade pickles. If you want the recipe, it’s here on my site under “Kitchen”. Or you can scroll down a couple of posts, as it is also here on the home page. 2)Whole wheat, multigrain toast with either peanut butter or chocolate hazelnut spread. Protein and carbs to start my day. Especially on running days. 3)Also good for running day breakfasts are belvita biscuits. I find them in the cookie/cracker aisle. They aren’t really biscuits that we think of, but more of a crisp cookie-like wafer. Anyway, they also give me energy, and don’t upset my stomach when running. Which is a good thing.

imageDrinking: McDonald’s Berry Smoothies! My husband and I love to reward ourselves after a run with these icy cups of deliciousness. Coffee, of course. Any and all kinds of coffee! I drink various flavors of K-cups at home. My favorite right now is Folger’s Vanilla Biscotti. And when my friend and I go run, we always swing by Starbuck’s on our way home and get a Tall Iced Coffee, sweetened, with a splash of cream. Again, icy deliciousness! And they only cost $2.09, which is comparable to the price you would pay anywhere. I also drink a lot of ice water. Staying hydrated so I’m not tired or hungry!

imageWishing: Well, I’m still wishing for that spring weather. I guess we are just going to go straight from winter to summer here in Indiana!

Loving: My daughter is coming home from Savannah this week for a visit, and my son is coming home from his second year of college! Going from empty nesters to a full house again, at least for a week. I love it when the whole family is together!

Dreaming: Of sunnier, warmer days. And the beach. My sister and I are taking a trip in May, and hopefully it will be sunny and warm, and include multiple trips to the beach!

That’s it for this week. I hope it’s sunny and warm in your part of the world. Have a great weekend!

Happy Earth Day!

I’m so excited! First of all, it’s Monday! I’m renaming it Reboot Day! The day we get to reboot our diets, exercise, and attitudes. Really, anything that needs an adjustment, today’s your day!
Second, it’s the first day of a new month! For me, that means it’s one day closer to summer. I love summer. Short sleeves, flip flops, and lots of outdoor activity. 
And, it’s Earth Month! I love that too because it is a healthy reminder to take care of our planet. Now before you start in, no, I’m not a tree hugger. But I do believe in being a good steward of everything God has entrusted to us. And that includes our planet.
If each of us does our part, the world can be a cleaner, safer place to live for all of us! There. That’s my Little Miss Merry Sunshine approach to life. Some ways I’m working on are: Recycling: Cardboard packaging, plastic containers, newspaper. I also recycle the magazines I’ve read by passing them on to family members for their reading pleasure! Reusing: some of these things are personal and you probably don’t want to know. But, I have plastic containers with lids that I can store leftovers in and simply wash and reuse the container. I have my own Starbucks cups that I take with me for the barista to use. And, I purchased that reusable cup thingy for my Keurig coffee maker in an effort to not purchase all those disposable k-cups that end up in the landfill. Now, please don’t write me and try to shame me for going to Starbucks or owning a Keurig in the first place . It won’t work. We all have our hang ups, and I happen to love my coffee! And I didn’t say I was an expert at this, I’m just trying to do my part. So, on we go. Reducing:This seems to be the hardest for me so far, but at least I’m thinking more about it. You know, reduce the amount of gas emissions in the air by driving less. I can do that. And we have a small, efficient car. But we also still own an SUV. Sorry. But I’ve had it for ten years, it’s paid for, and I have a kid in college. So no new cars for another two years. But I drive it less than the small car, so I’m giving myself credit for that. I also try to reduce the amount of electricity and water we use at home. And, I’ve begun looking at product packaging more recently. If a product has less packaging to begin with, then there’s less to recycle, or end up in the blasted landfill!
There. That’s all for today. But stay tuned. I’m sure I will have more posts this month on this topic. Like gardening, which I love!