Currently…My (sort of) Weekly Link Up Topics!

This is always a fun and thought provoking post, with topics chosen by those who’ve gone before me. It’s fun to read what other bloggers have been up to, and it gets me thinking about how I’ve been spending my time/money/energy in the past week!

This week, I’m Currently

Borrowing:You let me know if you come up with an answer to this one that does not involve library books! And I’m not in high school, so I’m not borrowing my friends clothes. I guess I’d have to choose Time. All the time that God allows. When I think about my days this way, I want to spend my time more wisely and not waste it.

Dancing:Not so much. Unless my running looks like dancing. After running, I’m too tired to dance!

My new calf sleeves-love them! Mine are cep brand.

My new calf sleeves-I love them! Mine are the cep brand. And of course, they’re pink!

Building: My blog, my square foot garden, new friendships, old friendships, family relationships always, and oddly, my Spanish vocabulary thru some of my new friendships!

Throwing: Now this is fun! If you’ve read my blog this week, or any of my twitter posts, you’re probably tired of hearing about the 27 fling boogie! But, I have been throwing lots of stuff out of my house. Magazines, clothes, old decorations… And I’ve still got a ways to go. I’m thinking of challenging myself to throwing out 27 items each day for seven days! Lookout, I’m on a roll!

Buying: Running gear! I’m slightly obsessed with it. Just bought a pair of compression sleeves for my calves. I think I’m in love with them.

Well thats what I’ve been up to, how about you? Drop me a line in the comment section and let me know what you’ve been borrowing, dancing, building, throwing, or buying lately! I’d love to hear from you. See you all next week!


Be Proud of Who and What You Are!

imageAre you a singer? A runner? Dancer? Gardener? Baker? Cook? You fill in the blank: I am a ____________. Now, be proud of that. Own it. Improve on it. But don’t let anyone tell you that you are not it.

You may be wondering, “Where is this coming from?”. Did you ever read something, or see something on television, that just kept creeping up in your mind? You know, something that bugged you? Well, not long ago, I read a post by a young woman that hit a nerve. The post was actually on a financial blog. The blog is a great resource for tips on saving, paying down debt, etc… This particular post was about how this gal started running in order to distract her from shopping. I know, you’re probably laughing already! Anyway, she found that the more she ran, the more she enjoyed it, and the better she got. So far, so good.
Here’s where it gets me. I’m a firm believer that some things just come more easily for some people. For instance, the first time my husband set out to run, he ran two miles. The first time I set out to run, I huffed and puffed for a quarter mile! Now my husband and daughter run half marathons together and I’m up to huffing and puffing a 5K. The woman in the post stated how she was now running half marathons after about a year or so of training. Awesome! But she finished by saying that she didn’t yet consider herself a real runner. There. Right there it is. Really?

She thinks you have to run a full marathon to be a real runner. And she was training to do just that. Well, good for her. But who is she, to say that those who don’t run marathons are not real runners? I was filled with disbelief, and a little offended. I, for one, have no desire to run a marathon. Or even a half marathon. I’m thrilled that I can run three miles! And I’m a runner! That’s right. I get out there and run three times a week, and have even started running some timed events! Yay for me! (I’m also a Christian, a wife, a mother, and yes, even a blogger!)

So what do you do? Whatever it is, be proud of it! And don’t let anyone tell you that you are not it. Here’s your chance again. Fill in the blank. You’ve had time to think about it. I am a _____________! Yay for you! Please, feel free to leave a comment to let me know what and who you are. We’ll celebrate you together!


This week, I’m Currently

Learning: About blogging. And let me tell you, that’s a never ending process. But if you’ve been following along, you saw that I added something new yesterday: my very first poll! If you haven’t voted for your favorite type of exercise yet, there’s still time. The poll closes Sunday night at midnight. I think. LOL

Gathering:  All of my plants together for my square foot garden. I know, I’m running behind. But with the cold weather just breaking about a week ago, I felt it safer to hold off on getting the plants in the ground this year. So now I’m scurrying around trying to get everything planted before I leave town on Sunday. Thankfully my husband will be home to watch after my plants while I am gone.image

Giving:Clothes to charity, food to the local food bank, the dog a bath, and peonies for Mothers Day! Whether you pronounce it “piney” or “pe-o-ny”, these hardy plants are gorgeous when they bloom, usually in May.

Working: on getting my garden planted, my laundry done, my bags packed, and my house cleaned.

Playing: with my dog, Kramer. He’s so fun! And Hanging with Friends and Boggle on my iPhone and iPad.

Have a Happy Mothers Day! Ta Ta For Now!



Currently, Week Three!

I was itching to write, so I sneaked in this edition of “Currently” while riding in the car to the Indiana Convention Center to pick up my husband and daughter’s race packets.

This week, I’m Currently

Admiring: The Weather!!! It has finally been warm this week. I’ve been running outdoors, the flowers are blooming, and my family is all together. Life is good!

Caring: About pleasing everyone and getting everything done. Errands to run, people to see, and gotta get those plants in my garden!

Loving: Life, Family, God, and summer. I know, summer’s not really here. But it’s closer every day!

Another simple, delicious recipe!

Another simple, delicious recipe!

Cleaning: Now? Absolutely nothing besides dishes, laundry, and my body. My daughter is here until Monday, so I cleaned house prior to her arrival. I’m officially on a staycation!

Creating: Memories. And lots of yummy food! So far we’ve made Grandma Kathy’s Microwave Pickles, Trisha Yearwood’s Thai Salad, and Good Housekeeping’s One Sentence Recipe Asparagus Tart! And Saturday night we’ll be making Strawberry Cucumber Margaritas!

Today is the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon. We’ll be back in Indy bright and early and I’ll be cheering on my family from the sidelines. Praying for safety, health, and fast legs! See you all next week!


Well its week two of my “currently” post. I enjoy it and hope to make it my regular weekend update. Be sure to drop me a line and let me know what you think in the “comment” section, feel free to “like” any of my posts, and of course, share my posts with your friends using the Pin, Facebook,or twitter buttons! Thanks and have a great weekend!

This week, I’m Currentlyimage

Eating: 1)Homemade pickles. If you want the recipe, it’s here on my site under “Kitchen”. Or you can scroll down a couple of posts, as it is also here on the home page. 2)Whole wheat, multigrain toast with either peanut butter or chocolate hazelnut spread. Protein and carbs to start my day. Especially on running days. 3)Also good for running day breakfasts are belvita biscuits. I find them in the cookie/cracker aisle. They aren’t really biscuits that we think of, but more of a crisp cookie-like wafer. Anyway, they also give me energy, and don’t upset my stomach when running. Which is a good thing.

imageDrinking: McDonald’s Berry Smoothies! My husband and I love to reward ourselves after a run with these icy cups of deliciousness. Coffee, of course. Any and all kinds of coffee! I drink various flavors of K-cups at home. My favorite right now is Folger’s Vanilla Biscotti. And when my friend and I go run, we always swing by Starbuck’s on our way home and get a Tall Iced Coffee, sweetened, with a splash of cream. Again, icy deliciousness! And they only cost $2.09, which is comparable to the price you would pay anywhere. I also drink a lot of ice water. Staying hydrated so I’m not tired or hungry!

imageWishing: Well, I’m still wishing for that spring weather. I guess we are just going to go straight from winter to summer here in Indiana!

Loving: My daughter is coming home from Savannah this week for a visit, and my son is coming home from his second year of college! Going from empty nesters to a full house again, at least for a week. I love it when the whole family is together!

Dreaming: Of sunnier, warmer days. And the beach. My sister and I are taking a trip in May, and hopefully it will be sunny and warm, and include multiple trips to the beach!

That’s it for this week. I hope it’s sunny and warm in your part of the world. Have a great weekend!


Okay, so some of my new blogger friends have gotten me hooked on reading their “Currently” posts each week. It’s pretty interesting to see what everybody is up to, obsessing about, etc… So now it’s my turn to give it a whirl. So here goes; hope you enjoy it!

This week, I’m Currently

Watching: The Following, starring Kevin Bacon. Scary! But I can’t help it, I’m hooked! imageAnd there are only a couple of episodes left. Also, General Hospital, which I know, I know, it’s a soap opera. But it’s the only one I watch. So that’s my afternoon coffee break indulgence! Dancing With The Stars! Is Kellie Pickler amazing, or what? And Jacoby Jones, and all the rest of the cast. Awesome! Andy Dick made Carrie Ann Inaba cry last week. So sweet! So there. Those are my picks for the week.

Looking For: Spring! Where for art thou spring? Okay, I guess April showers are to be expected in…um, April. But I want and need to run outdoors already! I’m also looking for May. My daughter from Savannah comes to visit. Then my sister and I go to Savannah to house and puppy sit (I call them my grand-puppies) while my daughter goes to Jamaica! Fun all around!
imageGrowing: Well, not much. It’s been cold, and now it’s rainy. And I don’t have my vegetables in the ground yet. But I am growing in The Lord. Hopefully a little everyday! And I think my confidence is growing in running. Growing in my “green” knowledge and efforts! And growing eager for upcoming events!

Riding: Absolutely nothing! No bicycle, no motorcycle, no waves, no horses… I will be riding on a plane in May! Whoopie!

Reading: The Story, by Max Lucado and Randy Frazee. Almost finished. Ready for final chapter! imageIt is, The Bible As One Continuing Story Of God And His People. I’ve enjoyed it as an additional way to study The Bible as a church body, thru worship services and small group study, as well as my own personal study time. I highly recommend it!

Also highly recommended, Big Green Purse! But I will be writing more about that at a later time. ; )