These Are A Few Of My Favorite (Running)Things

Believe it or not, I’ve learned to love running. Miracles never cease! And being the girly girl that I am, I love shopping for running gear just as much as the running! So I thought it only fitting that I share some of my favorite running things with you.

First, of course I had to have some running shorts, tees, and pants. I shop for most of these items at Target. Their C9 line of athletic apparel and accessories by Champion is pretty extensive, adequately efficient, and affordable. I’m wearing C9 apparel in these photos: (If you click on the first photo, they will be larger and in slides how form!)

For the first few months, I simply ran in my old running shoes, which I had already owned for a couple of years. They didn’t have much wear, so it was okay with me to wear them while I was getting in shape. Once I decided I was serious about this running thing, it was time for an upgrade. I like to shop local when I can, and we have a great running store in town, Indiana Running Company. They do a stride analysis too, so I figured that was the place to go for my first pair of real running shoes. I got these for Christmas. Of course, they’re pink!

The Saucony Ride 5

The Saucony Ride 5

We live where it is cold and snowy all winter, and in most instances, all spring. So I spent what seemed like forever, running inside, on the treadmill. When Old Man Winter finally relinquished his hold, I was ready to take on the streets, the trails, and sidewalks of our community! And with that, I just had to have a watch with a GPS so I could track my distance, time, and pace! Hello and Happy Mothers Day! I have the best family in the world! They are so encouraging and paid for my new Garmin Forerunner 10! This is a great watch. Simple to use, with just the right amount of info for beginning runners, or seasoned runners who just don’t need a lot of extra bells and whistles! Again, purchased locally at Indiana Running Company!
My latest obsession? Compression sleeves! Apparently when you run a lot, and I’ve been running three times a week since January, your calves hurt. Well, everything hurts. But my calves had especially been achy. So my daughter recommended that I buy some compression sleeves. These things are amazing! They feel like a big hug/massages for your calves. I’ve even been known to sleep in mine! I purchased them at the sister store of Indiana running company, Arête. Like I said, I like to shop local when at all possible.

My new calf sleeves-love them! Mine are cep brand.

My new calf sleeves-love them! Mine are cep brand.

This post was not sponsored in any way. All items were purchased, and all opinions are 100% mine!


Be Proud of Who and What You Are!

imageAre you a singer? A runner? Dancer? Gardener? Baker? Cook? You fill in the blank: I am a ____________. Now, be proud of that. Own it. Improve on it. But don’t let anyone tell you that you are not it.

You may be wondering, “Where is this coming from?”. Did you ever read something, or see something on television, that just kept creeping up in your mind? You know, something that bugged you? Well, not long ago, I read a post by a young woman that hit a nerve. The post was actually on a financial blog. The blog is a great resource for tips on saving, paying down debt, etc… This particular post was about how this gal started running in order to distract her from shopping. I know, you’re probably laughing already! Anyway, she found that the more she ran, the more she enjoyed it, and the better she got. So far, so good.
Here’s where it gets me. I’m a firm believer that some things just come more easily for some people. For instance, the first time my husband set out to run, he ran two miles. The first time I set out to run, I huffed and puffed for a quarter mile! Now my husband and daughter run half marathons together and I’m up to huffing and puffing a 5K. The woman in the post stated how she was now running half marathons after about a year or so of training. Awesome! But she finished by saying that she didn’t yet consider herself a real runner. There. Right there it is. Really?

She thinks you have to run a full marathon to be a real runner. And she was training to do just that. Well, good for her. But who is she, to say that those who don’t run marathons are not real runners? I was filled with disbelief, and a little offended. I, for one, have no desire to run a marathon. Or even a half marathon. I’m thrilled that I can run three miles! And I’m a runner! That’s right. I get out there and run three times a week, and have even started running some timed events! Yay for me! (I’m also a Christian, a wife, a mother, and yes, even a blogger!)

So what do you do? Whatever it is, be proud of it! And don’t let anyone tell you that you are not it. Here’s your chance again. Fill in the blank. You’ve had time to think about it. I am a _____________! Yay for you! Please, feel free to leave a comment to let me know what and who you are. We’ll celebrate you together!

Product Reviews: Procter & Gamble

I received the four products in the photograph below as part of a review promotion. They are all from P&G.  My opinions are truthful, and my own!

1. Olay Total Effects 7 in one deep penetrating moisture Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash with jojoba butter & Vitaniacin
Love it! This was my favorite product of the four! It really is one of the most moisturizing body washes I have ever used, and I would definitely buy it and recommend it.
2. Cover Girl Outlast Double Lip Shine
I’m not big on lip glosses; I prefer lip balm. Especially in summer when I run or am out in the sun. But I will slather on a gloss when going out to meet friends or to dinner with my hubby. So this one will work. I wouldn’t say it’s spectacular; but another good gloss in a nice shade!
3. Gillette Fusion Pro Series Irritation Defense Soothing Moisturizer
My husband tried this one for me. He said it was okay. He doesn’t normally use a moisturizer after shaving, but I thought it made his skin a little softer/smoother!
4. Tide To-Go Pen
This is one of those products that I think is great if you can remember to use it. Which I can’t. I purchased one in the past and I would forget that I had it in my purse! I guess I’m not much of a messy eater either. So I don’t have much use for it. My grown daughter however, happily took this unopened one off my hands. Apparently her husband IS a messy eater and she said he immediately jumps up and runs to the restroom to clean food spots from his clothes when they dine out. She said they would use it all the time!

So there you have it. Overall, I think Procter & Gamble is a great company with great products. Something for everyone. And, they are making more efforts to be eco-friendly, which I appreciate as well.