The Happiness Project

Gotcha, didn’t I? What is The Happiness Project? If you don’t already know, it’s a book written by Gretchen Rubin, in which the author spends a year discovering how to live a happier life. And it seems like everyone has been talking about it! Well, that’s not exactly what this post is about. But it did get me thinking about some of the things that make me happy. And I’ve been thinking about doing a “Top Ten”. So, there you have it! My “Top Ten Happy List”!

10. Kramer. He’s a poodle. But don’t tell him. He thinks he’s a real boy. Just looking at his sweet face makes me happy!



9. Reading. I love to read. Magazines, books, The Bible. Reading makes me happy.
8. Singing along with the radio. I loooove singing along with the radio! (And dancing)

Kickin it old school!

Kickin it old school!

7. Running. Yep, running makes me happy. Science has proven this exercise to happiness fact. Who am I to argue with science?


6. Cooking. I love trying new recipes and cooking old family favorites. I’m especially happy when a recipe turns out well, and my family enjoys it!

My own healthy salad.

My own healthy salad.

5. Beaches. (And travel, in general!)Beaches make me so happy. I love the sand, the sun, the sound of the ocean waves. Calming and happy inducing.

Yep, that's Jamaica from our plane!

Yep, that’s Jamaica from our plane!

4. Coffee. Mmmmm…. I really enjoy my coffee. Hot or iced, black, or with sugar & creamer. Coffee makes me happy!



3. Sunrises & Sunsets. I have a beautiful view of the sunrise form my front porch and I’m always excited at God’s creation!

2. Family. Of course family can make us crazy. But let’s face it-we love them and their smiles and hugs make life worth living. Family makes me happy.

1. If you know me, you had to be expecting this. My relationship with God makes me happy. Actually, it provides a deep, abiding joy that cannot be replaced with anyone or anything. Only God can provide the peace and freedom that lives within my soul on a minute by minute, daily basis.

So there you have it! A Top Ten Happiness List! Now I could go on to twenty or thirty. But let’s face it-you’d get bored! But hopefully this has inspired you to think about things both big and small, that make you happy! And of course, as always, I’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment to share what makes you happy today!i hope you have a happy and blessed weekend!


Currently…This Week’s Update!

It’s been a crazy week!

I’m Currently

Watching: Too much tv. Hubby has been out of town, so the dog and the television have kept me company! I’ve actually been catching up on some movies I recorded during one of those “free preview” weekends. Tonight I watched Trouble With The Curve, starring the great Clint Eastwood, along with Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, and John Goodman. I love anything Clint does. He’s a true American classic.


Reading: Thankfully, I’ve gotten back to reading my Bible a little more. Trying to memorize the book of Philippians. If you believe in the power of prayer, send one up for me right now. I can use all the help I can get! This brain isn’t getting any younger!

Eating: Not very healthy this week. When hubby isn’t home, I don’t cook much, which leads to eating junk. I hate that. I did eat a salad yesterday. That counteracts the chips, right? Oh, and I’m trying out these new Chia Bars by Health Warrior. Awesome! I’ll tell more about these next week. And I had a couple of healthy smoothies for breakfast this week. I eat best at breakfast!


Drinking: Water, coffee, smoothies, and Tonight, a margarita with a friend while we watched the movie!

Learning: A lot. How to say goodbye to a dear friend who passed away. How to let go, and make peace with decisions, and still love the people we leave behind on our journey. To wait. On God’s timing. To run alone and be okay with that. To get up early so I can run before the blazing sun catches me! And to make jam! Hey, I said I’m learning a lot!
Come on now, its your turn! Leave a comment and let me know what you’ve been watching, reading, eating, drinking, or learning. I genuinely want to know! Please share. Love, until next time!

Are You Beach Ready?

Ah, summer. What? Summer?! Yes, summer is upon us. Even though the official first day is still a few weeks away, the weather is warming, schools are dismissing, and beaches are calling. Having recently returned from a beachy vacay myself, I thought it only appropriate to share some tips on my favorite beach necessities. Besides, it gave me a reason to take all these fun pictures which my sister thought were crazy! And, none of my tips have anything to do with losing weight, exercising, or fitting into the perfect suit. So just grab your old suit, or buy a new one if you feel the need. But here’s the important stuff:(You can click on each image to enlarge flip thru them!)

I have to thank my lovely daughter and son-in-law for loaning us their home close to the beach. And their chairs, towels, and beach bag! Imagine trying to pack those things on a plane!

Now get out there and enjoy your summer! And don’t forget the sunscreen.


Okay, so some of my new blogger friends have gotten me hooked on reading their “Currently” posts each week. It’s pretty interesting to see what everybody is up to, obsessing about, etc… So now it’s my turn to give it a whirl. So here goes; hope you enjoy it!

This week, I’m Currently

Watching: The Following, starring Kevin Bacon. Scary! But I can’t help it, I’m hooked! imageAnd there are only a couple of episodes left. Also, General Hospital, which I know, I know, it’s a soap opera. But it’s the only one I watch. So that’s my afternoon coffee break indulgence! Dancing With The Stars! Is Kellie Pickler amazing, or what? And Jacoby Jones, and all the rest of the cast. Awesome! Andy Dick made Carrie Ann Inaba cry last week. So sweet! So there. Those are my picks for the week.

Looking For: Spring! Where for art thou spring? Okay, I guess April showers are to be expected in…um, April. But I want and need to run outdoors already! I’m also looking for May. My daughter from Savannah comes to visit. Then my sister and I go to Savannah to house and puppy sit (I call them my grand-puppies) while my daughter goes to Jamaica! Fun all around!
imageGrowing: Well, not much. It’s been cold, and now it’s rainy. And I don’t have my vegetables in the ground yet. But I am growing in The Lord. Hopefully a little everyday! And I think my confidence is growing in running. Growing in my “green” knowledge and efforts! And growing eager for upcoming events!

Riding: Absolutely nothing! No bicycle, no motorcycle, no waves, no horses… I will be riding on a plane in May! Whoopie!

Reading: The Story, by Max Lucado and Randy Frazee. Almost finished. Ready for final chapter! imageIt is, The Bible As One Continuing Story Of God And His People. I’ve enjoyed it as an additional way to study The Bible as a church body, thru worship services and small group study, as well as my own personal study time. I highly recommend it!

Also highly recommended, Big Green Purse! But I will be writing more about that at a later time. ; )