You Can Do Anything…

Are you ready? You can do anything…for fifteen minutes! Do you need to declutter, organize, or maybe even do some purging? I want to share some easy ideas to help you tackle some home projects that perhaps you have been putting off. Have you ever heard of flight plans, hot spots, detailed cleaning, missions, zones, morning and before bed routines, Anti-procrastination day? Are you living in Chaos (can’t have anyone over syndrome)? Well allow me to introduce you to Aka, The Fly Lady! I discovered The Fly Lady several years ago, and have been living with some of her principles ever since. But be warned: You may become obsessed, overwhelmed, or just downright organized!

I, personally, have been all of the above. I’ve had a shiny sink, laid out my clothes the night before, and gotten dressed down to my sneakers! It’s all on the Fly Lady website!

I want to share two Fly Lady principles with you today:

1)You can do anything for fifteen minutes. I have used this both myself, and to motivate my kids to clean their toys/rooms. Even homework. I would set a timer for fifteen minutes, and when the timer went off, we either took a break, or stopped all together. I encourage you to try it yourself, especially when faced with a less than desirable task, say, cleaning out a closet, or washing windows! It works for cleaning, studying, or exercise! You can even put in your earbuds and listen to your favorite tunes.
2)  The 27 Fling Boogie! This is a quick and easy method of decluttering. It actually makes a game out of tossing out your stuff! You simply go around your house and find 27 items to get rid of. I end up with a donate pile and a trash pile. Well, I don’t have a literal trash pile; that stuff just gets thrown into the trash can! You can do this anyway you want-it’s your house! I have gone around and found 27 pieces of paper to throw away before. Today, I did the 27 Fling Boogie twice. The first time, I took things only from my kitchen area. Here’s a picture of my 27 items.

Kitchen 27 Fling Boogie!

Kitchen 27 Fling Boogie!

And here’s the list: 2 Coke glasses and 3 cookbooks going to the recycling center trading post for someone else to enjoy. 5 plastic plant thingies I kept thinking I would use. That’s not gonna happen. They are recyclable, so they went into the recycle bin. 12 round seed decorations I’ve had forever. You can probably see dust on them. 3 wine corks. Really? And 2 candy boxes that have been in the cabinet for years. Obviously not using them. Those last 17 items went in the trash! And there you have it. 27 kitchen items, gone.

Next, I decided to just do a random run thru the house picking up miscellaneous stuff that needed to go. This almost always includes clothing, and today was no different. Here’s the picture.

27 Fling Boogie: Random House Stuff

27 Fling Boogie: Random House Stuff

And here’s the list: One box of the wrong coffee filters. Why was I keeping those? One blouse and one skirt of mine, plus one shirt of my husband’s. One old fingernail polish, one old room spray, one pack of candy molds, one buckwheat neck travel pillow, one drawstring bag, (we have several of these, oddly), three magazines, and 15 of those corn cob holders! Sorry, we eat our corn on the cob with our hands. I know, so undignified! Again, some being donated, some in the trash, and I recycle the magazines by sharing them with my mom and sister! And just like that, another 27 items gone!

So, just like at church, you may be wondering, “What’s the take away?”  I just want to encourage you when faced with any task that maybe you’ve been putting off, or just can’t get motivated to do, to remember that You can do anything for fifteen minutes . And if you’re looking around the house and thinking, “I have too much stuff”, have fun by doing The 27 Fling Boogie! Be sure to come back here and share with me what you decided to fling!


Happy Earth Day!

I’m so excited! First of all, it’s Monday! I’m renaming it Reboot Day! The day we get to reboot our diets, exercise, and attitudes. Really, anything that needs an adjustment, today’s your day!
Second, it’s the first day of a new month! For me, that means it’s one day closer to summer. I love summer. Short sleeves, flip flops, and lots of outdoor activity. 
And, it’s Earth Month! I love that too because it is a healthy reminder to take care of our planet. Now before you start in, no, I’m not a tree hugger. But I do believe in being a good steward of everything God has entrusted to us. And that includes our planet.
If each of us does our part, the world can be a cleaner, safer place to live for all of us! There. That’s my Little Miss Merry Sunshine approach to life. Some ways I’m working on are: Recycling: Cardboard packaging, plastic containers, newspaper. I also recycle the magazines I’ve read by passing them on to family members for their reading pleasure! Reusing: some of these things are personal and you probably don’t want to know. But, I have plastic containers with lids that I can store leftovers in and simply wash and reuse the container. I have my own Starbucks cups that I take with me for the barista to use. And, I purchased that reusable cup thingy for my Keurig coffee maker in an effort to not purchase all those disposable k-cups that end up in the landfill. Now, please don’t write me and try to shame me for going to Starbucks or owning a Keurig in the first place . It won’t work. We all have our hang ups, and I happen to love my coffee! And I didn’t say I was an expert at this, I’m just trying to do my part. So, on we go. Reducing:This seems to be the hardest for me so far, but at least I’m thinking more about it. You know, reduce the amount of gas emissions in the air by driving less. I can do that. And we have a small, efficient car. But we also still own an SUV. Sorry. But I’ve had it for ten years, it’s paid for, and I have a kid in college. So no new cars for another two years. But I drive it less than the small car, so I’m giving myself credit for that. I also try to reduce the amount of electricity and water we use at home. And, I’ve begun looking at product packaging more recently. If a product has less packaging to begin with, then there’s less to recycle, or end up in the blasted landfill!
There. That’s all for today. But stay tuned. I’m sure I will have more posts this month on this topic. Like gardening, which I love!